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uPVC Door & Window Lock Repair

Is your door or window jammed shut? We can Help!

We supply and fit most types and makes of uPVC replacement door locks and mechanisms on the market today. Where a lock is no longer available we take time to fit an alternative which can save the cost of a replacement door.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in fixing uPVC door lock problems in Stockport. Below are some of the most common faults found on uPVC doors in Stockport:

Unable to open door – Mechanism faulty Stockport locksmith cylinder snapping
Unable to remove key from lock when locked
Unable to lock when handle lifted
Unable to unlock
Door will not latch
Door will not open – handle floppy
Replacement keys for locking window handle
Lock replacement following loss of keys

Replacement Locking Mechanisms

If your UPVC door mechanism fails we supply a professional service for fitting a new one for you. There is also no need to worry if your door is shut when it fails, as we are experienced in opening them quickly and with the minimum damage. If your PVCu mechanism fails, we aim to have a new one fitted and working on your door the same day in most cases in the Wilmslow, Macclesfield and Stockport areas.

Replacement Locks/Cylinders – when you want your locks working off a new key, or your lock is faulty.

Adjusting Hanging/Closing of Door – when your door is not closing properly or is becoming difficult to lock.

Fitting Higher Security Furniture Cylinders – such as “Snap and Bump Resistant” cylinders to TS007Standard

Fitting of snaplocks and viewers to doors and windows – in the case of the security on your lock being compromised, this is a very affordable way of keeping your door held closed and therefore a very good additional layer of security in Wilmslow.

We are also able to offer new handles, hinges, letterboxes and most other furniture for your doors and windows.

uPVC Windows or Doors

If you need to a repair a UPVC Door or Window Lock for your house / business or any property a MLA Locksmith should be your first port of call. This is a specialist advanced area of locksmithing which only a qualified locksmith should be doing.

Locked Out of a uPVC Door?

uPVC doors are the worst for coming out of adjustment once that has happened stop trying to force it to lock get it sorted ASAP it will cost less in the long run. Do not keep forcing a UPVC handle up to lock it, you should be able to just lift it, if not a simple service and adjustment are all that is usually required!

Lost Your Keys to a UPVC Door

A master locksmith in Macclesfield will be able to:

Gain Entry to Your Property
Change the Lock Cylinder
Service & Adjust uPVC Door

If you go the route of changing the lock cylinder then we recommend:

Upgrading the cylinder to a SS312 Diamond approved cylinder to protect from lock snapping
Making sure the new cylinders meet insurance requirements
Have your cylinders keyed alike ( one key to work all locks )
Consider upgrading the multipoint locking system and the handles on the door to help improve security

Losing your keys to a uPVC Window

A locksmith will be able to provide a new key. If doing this why not check all your vulnerable windows have locks such as those on the ground floor and those on upper floors next to flat roofs.

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