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Safes – Sales & Repair Stockport

Safes are rapidly becoming an essential to households and business across the UK. With domestic and commercial crime rates on the security your valuables, data, documents and money has never been so important. Cusworth’s Master Locksmiths provide a complete supply and installation service as well as opening, servicing and repairing all types of safes tailored to individual need.

As with any complicated mechanical device, all safes need regular maintenance and adjustment. We recommend regular service and repair of safes as without the correct maintenance safes can fail when you need them most.

In the unfortunate event that your safe does fail we are also here to help. Our capable locksmiths are able to gain entry to most safes. When you need us to gain entry to a safe we will always try to use non-destructive means of opening to ensure that, once opened, it can be repaired rather than replaced, saving you time and money. In the unlikely case that we cannot gain entry via non-destructive methods, the safe will be drilled in a discreet and careful manor, and once the safe is open we will then repair the safe ensuring it is still secure.

If you require any further advice, information or simply want to arrange for an engineer to attend to your safe please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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